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You can make a difference ~ good foster families can impact childrens' lives for eternity

80-90% of foster kids who age out of the system, end up in a life of crime or sex trafficking.  (Tony Merida, Know More Orphans Conference.)

Visit this amazing ministry, The Wellhouse, helping these girls escape lives of modern-day slavery.  You can click on their links to find out ways to give or volunteer.

Link between foster care and human trafficking:*

• In 2013, 60 percent of the child sex trafficking victims recovered as part of a FBI nationwide raid from over 70 cities were children from foster care or group homes.

• In 2012, Connecticut reported 88 child victims of sex trafficking. Eighty-six were child welfare involved, and most reported abuse while in foster care or residential placement.

• In 2012, Los Angeles County, California reported that of the 72 commercially sexually exploited girls in their Succeed Through Achievement and Resilience (STAR) Court Program, 56 were child-welfare involved.

• In 2007, New York City identified 2,250 child victims of trafficking. Seventy-five percent of those experienced some contact with the child welfare system, mostly in the context of abuse and neglect proceedings.

More Facts:**

Nearly 60% of children in the U.S. foster system will wait 2 or more years to be adopted.

51% of children in foster care are reunified with their parents or primary caregivers.  21% of youth are adopted.

Of youth who age out of foster care, 1/4 are incarcerated within 2 years and only 1/2 graduate from high school.

Children and adolescents with foster care experience are diagnosed with PTSD at twice the rate as U.S. war veterans.*

For more information on human trafficking, see this post with video. 

*   facts from this Huffington Post article
** facts from National Foster Care Coalition

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