Friday, September 25, 2015

An Unexpected Friend

I sat in a Writer’s Conference listening to a local magazine owner speak about their submission policy and the ins and outs of the magazine business. I was also concentrating on drumming up the courage to approach her after the session.

Inside my head, I was ordering the words I’d say to her.

As soon as she wrapped up her talk, I rose from my seat– the first to introduce myself. As I began to share part of our adoption story of one child, a raven-haired beauty with ringlets of hair falling past her shoulders, drew near and mentioned she had adopted five children.
Immediately, the magazine owner’s attention shifted to the other mother, who also mentioned her career as an attorney. My degree was in pre-law. Law school was my lifelong dream, which never came to fruition.

To add salt to the wound, the other mom had flawless skin and appeared to be in her early thirties — I was certain she moonlighted as a runway model when she wasn’t raising children or spending hours in the courtroom. She seemed so perfect with her radiant skin, career, and angel-sleeved, fuzzy white sweater. . . READ MORE HERE

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