Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dearest Readers

Dearest readers,

Can we talk?

I wanna tell you a secret.

In my not-so-distant past, I've settled for less.

I've journeyed the rugged, tar-black roads of lies about who I am.

Maybe you’ve traveled similar paths.  If so, you know the routes spewing filth and dust.  The kind of dust that sticks to your skin like black tar, lingering for days, weeks, years.  Whispering lies about who you are.

I've stepped up to ride again and again the escalator of temporary.  Welcoming anything in.  An attempt to fill the empty space within my soul.

I’ve settled for less.  When I was made for more.  

Just like the decadent Swiss chocolate my husband brought home from Europe last week,  I swirled the smooth heaven river in my mouth as long as I could, one piece at a time.  But, the splendor was temporary.

Delicious, seductive.  The empty box mocks me like a raven pecking and caw caw cawing from the counter. 

When we settle for less, we settle for empty.

Empty souls, temporary delight.

At the center of my wandering youth, was a broken girl who desperately yearned for deep connection.  Passionately, she desired someone to know her to her core.  To be loved, cherished, and adored. 

That girl had misguided views of true sexuality.  She was riding that escalator of temporary and coming up empty and lonely.

When we, or others, do not recognize our true self-worth— we will often trade beauty for ashes—hands open wide to accept whatever we can get from whomever will give.  We will trade human dignity for mere morsels, dust.

That place may feel like true love and we may press it tightly to our chest, hoping to save it forever; yet it fades and slips through our hands like paper lace soaked in rain, leaving us empty, and often wounded. 

When we don’t know the holy breath of our beating hearts, the treasure of our souls, we will often wander the dust roads and trade the sacred for the temporary and empty.

It’s an ancient story, really.  Since the beginning of all time.

And a daily struggle.  The question of filling our hearts with the timeless treasure of His ways, or going after the enticing emptiness of this world.

As I ponder my past life, the wrecked life before Jesus swept me away, I can’t help but think about Fifty Shades of Grey and the brokenness of our world.

It’s a sad thing when female fans are giddy and giggly over extremely disturbing sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

But you know what?  I was that girl.  I would’ve stood in line and bought a ticket.  Not so long ago.

Want to know something else?  I don’t drink from the fountain of empty as frequently as in the past.

When you’ve tasted the Living Water, the rich Everlasting Fountain, there’s a stronger pull on your heart towards the eternal and full. 

That hole in our souls, the one we all have, is an empty space made for the One and Only Lover of Our Souls.  Temporary replaced by eternal.  Empty made whole.

When we realize our self-worth in Christ, we don’t settle as often.  We hunger for more from the True Giver of Life.  The Giver of true intimacy and love.

True love is not violent.  It is an assault to the heart of God and goes against all that He is.  Tender.  Merciful.  Gracious. 

There is nothing seductive or romantic about sexual or domestic violence, just ask a child or anyone who’s experienced rape, sex trafficking, or other abuse.

Where have you settled for temporary?  What are your thoughts on our society and Fifty Shades of Grey?


Anonymous said...

Amen! Oh, thank you for speaking up about this subject.

normaleverydaylife said...

I haven't read the books, but I've read articles on both sides. I won't be going to see this movie and I hope others will take a stand against it too!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing your heart~ So thankful we have crossed paths!