Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Battle

Shadowed trail, blackened wood
Trees surround like velvet hood
In the dark, it's darker still
On this path against my will

Talons sharp, rip and claw
Darkness deep into I fall
Ripping flesh, the lies they simmer
Sinking deep, flooding dank river

Enfolding wings, blaze of fire
Battle ensues, somewhere higher
White light enters and captures black
Clanking metal, no holding back

It's fierce love that fights for me
Truth is brighter-- evil flees
My advocate, who calls me friend
It's over, finished, I know the end

For in the dark, the Great I AM
Never alone, He held me still
Even on the path, against my will
Love was there, forever to stay

In light or dark, this girl He shepherds
In wilderness, rocky, or the desert
The One I'll never fully understand
He's always there, tight grasp on my hand

{photo credit:  inkhammer.wordpress.com}

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