Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane

I know many mamas (and daddies) can relate to our life.

Even though we homeschool, the extracurricular activities, along with four children at three different schools, results in a lot of time in the car.

Being stuck together with no escape is comical and stressful.

I am daily assaulted by questions.

And talking.

Lots of stories.

Pure preciousness blended with total chaos.

I embrace these moments and cringe at the same time.  What a dichotomy as a mom.

I love their little (and big) voices.

In my mind, I envision composing a letter to GMC requesting an addition to their SUV that includes an escape hatch.

I could parachute out and remote control the car to its next destination.

I don't have a song in my step and googly heart-shaped eyes for my children every single second.  That doesn't mean I'm a bad mom or that I don't absolutely adore them.  It means I'm a fallen creature wrestling on the slippery slope of loving my children well in the midst of real life.

As moms, our days are full of machine-gun-rapid-fire-talking from children wanting our full attention.

I have four kids vying for my response all at once.

Here is a small sampling of a day in our car:

Mom, is Antartica connected to the North Pole?

Hey, what causes the Northern  Lights?

My dog, Kiki, went into the woods in the prickles and thorns to find a bone and got eaten by a giraffe and a bear.

Oops, I just lost my Lego piece.  Can we pull over and let me look for it?

Hey, hey!  Guys let me tell my story!

Turn up the music.  I like this song.

I was about to tell my story.  Stop it!

Ugh, I hate this song.  Turn it down.

Oopsy, I dropped my snack.

Mom, do you think the song Ring Around the Rosie is a happy or sad song?  This is what it's really about [insert a historical account behind the song].

Can we watch 'Winter Soldier' this week?

MOM!  You are driving off the road!

This is my shu shu dog ran away into the woods. He stays at a castle.  Him so cute and cuddly.  And I lost her. She was so cute and soft.  [never mind the shift of pronoun in the middle of the story...grammar will come]

Mama can I play slapjack with everybody?

Mama, I'm hungry and thirsty.

Mom, are SO speeding.  Are you paying attention?

Mom!  You're not supposed to park there!

Oh my gosh, you just hit that trash can!

What's that key for?  Wow, your keys are so different from daddy's.

Hey, was the DVD player already in the car when we got it?  How is it wired?  Along here?  Connected to what?

Mom do you like my Lego set?

Mom, are you trying to hit our mailbox?

Hey, what's this hole down here by my feet?  Is that how the air conditioning comes out?

Mom, can we watch 'Winter Soldier' this week?

Will I die if the air bags come out?

Hey, I have a story.  I'm a little pirate.  A little Lego person.

Stop touching me!


Maybe we can go to Chuck E Cheese again when we pick up the big kids.

Mama I went bowling one time.

Wow, it's creepy riding so close to that huge 18-wheeler...

What happens if your brakes go out while you're driving? Do you just crash?

Mom, my lunch bag is leaking water.   All over the car.

Hey Mom, what's your favorite movie 'The Hobbit', 'Lord of the Rings', or 'Avengers'?

I'm a cat.  MEOW meow MEEEEOWWW!

Bees get spankings.....

Did you know Elijah Wood was in 'Back to the Future 2'?

Our cat was eaten by a tiger.  Ah yes, I miss that buddy.

I burped.


Stop singing!

Turn off the radio.

What does that thing on the dashboard do?

Eww, a dead opossum...

Whenever daddy gets home, we will all play together.  Play slapjack together.

The sun is in my eyes.

One time a bear chased me into the woods... Stop it!  I'm telling my story...

I've got a bandaid on my knee.

Hey next time we go camping...

Remember the time I caught a fish?....



We need to rent an RV next time with top and bottom beds...



Can we watch 'Winter Soldier' this week?


{Deep breath}

Maybe, just maybe, all of these situations are really life lessons.

I know they are surely sanctification for this mama!

But maybe they are also more.  A sense of belonging.
Being part of a family.  Learning to take turns when we speak.  Learning to listen.  And, certainly, discovering that life is messy and chaotic.

These trips often end (or begin) with me losing it.

It's easy for me to drive down the highway of shame.  With myself or my children.

In those moments when I'm screaming for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, to shut their mouths, may He give me more grace to repent and forgive.

May He transform ugly moments to beauty, where all our eyes peer up to One who is bigger.

Where true peace and rest is found.  The only true escape hatch.

The only One who can redemptively invade the space of our SUV.

With four wild children and a crazy mama.

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