Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Simple Things

If you've read my blog before, you know I perpetually need perspective.

I frequently lose sight of what is good.

I type words onto a blank screen because I need to know what I believe.

This blog was honestly my selfish doing.  To process my story.

To help me fight to believe.

The mental sorting of my life just so happened to be in a public venue.

I have been working for a while on a draft post called The Simple Things.

I totally scrapped what I wrote and will re-work it into something else later.

Because this past week I had the honor of talking to several dear soul sisters who are limping through life-- struggling daily to do the simple things.

We are all on unique journeys, written specifically for us.

But, really, as believers, we are all on the same road.

If we are living authentically, our route will display deep gouge marks, stains of sorrow, joy, surrender.

A battle.

As clay, we are messy-- this world a place where we are refined and purified.

Chiseled and cut.

I call these dear girls my soul sisters because their pain is raw.  The depths of their grief is intense.

I've also known these sweet ones in their times of immense joy.

Their laughter as honest and heartfelt as their current sufferings.

I am in awe of their daily choice to lift their heads and passionately battle.

They are warriors.

Not by their own strength.

A moment by moment decision to grasp the hand that holds them and fights on their behalf.

My conversations this week left me in tears.

For different reasons.  Partly because their stories closely match mine.

I was also left with hope and thankfulness.

One friend was praising the Father for the simple things...the Father peeling back the curtain to allow her a glimpse of what she once considered mundane.

The routine chores she once carried out with grumbling, now embraced and held close to her heart as a gift.

Cooking a meal, mopping the floor, doing laundry.

Giving praise because she had taken it for granted in the past-  the simple things that are part of normal life.

Hearing her praise the mundane brought tears. 


Because when we are undone, knocked down by illness or brokenness, we often lose ability or desire to even do the simple things.  Sometimes we become frozen- our feet stuck in depression or illness.  We can't even lift our heads for normal living.

It is often in the gouges of life that the Father showers us with thankfulness.

Emerging from the cavernous depths into radiant light, we gaze upwards to see the Father, holding us all along.

Darkness gives us a memory of His faithfulness and rescue. Seared into the crevices of our mind is a remembrance of His goodness.  A thread of hope for the next trial that comes along.

Today I thank God for the simple things.

The holy moments I often take for granted.

What simple things in life can you rejoice over?

Where can you live and love more fully where you are?

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