Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Raining Grace

Raining~ m singleton renewed in the spirit of your minds
(Eph 4:23) have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator
  (Col 3:9-10)

Shame, doubt, and fear hunt me.  

Every. day.

I can hastily dive deep into a tangled mass of lies about who I am-- vines of deceit wrapping my feet and pulling me down like quicksand.  

My brain moving like well-oiled metal gears-- the repetitive rotation of untruths.

 The lies of the enemy, along with our own fleshly desires and patterns are nothing but distractions blocking us from our true selves and love for Him.

As the Spirit moves, and I believe truth, grace finds me, wrapping me like a heated blanket on a frigid winter day.

Grace slips around me, kindling the cold coals in my heart and rewiring the twisted gears in my brain.  It covers and I wrap tightly in its warmth, feeling the soft, nubby edges and complete surround of truth.

Grace is not what we deserve, but what He freely pours out.

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Not only is grace warmth to our cold souls, but it is also a furious, pelting rain-- never ceasing, never deserving, never based on our own goodness.  

Based only on the Father's love and kindness.  

He sends down a flood, pursuing me until I fall into the grace-storm of His love.

We can try to run, but He will keep chasing His children.  

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In John 21:4-5 we see Jesus pursuing His disciples and extending this undeserving grace.  They had abandoned Him and run hiding in fear.  Instead of lashing out in anger, Christ called them his dear children and cooked them breakfast on the beach.  (John 21:4-5)

Grace is freeing.  We get it wrong over and over again-- just like Jesus's disciples. 

When we've squandered it all, our feet slipping, our bodies floundering in lies, we can remember:  it's not getting it right that brought rescue.  The scandal of mercy and grace is that we come to Him by doing it wrong, over and over again.

That is grace.  It is mysterious.  

It is jaw-dropping awe.

Because He's already done it right on our behalf.

Freedom comes with Christ at the center of our lives.  We wake up and discover our true self, who we were created to be  (2 Cor 5:17).

 Moving deeper into Him takes our eyes off ourselves and others.  Our selfish flesh is still present, but by His grace, we can live more fully in the calling He created us to live out.  If our identity is fully in Him, other people's opinions and expectations of us diminish.

As I opened my bible this morning, there it was again in the worn pages of Ephesians 5:1-2:  Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love...

Dearly loved children.

And I am thankful He again and again pursues the tangled mess that I am-- pouring an unending daily rain of grace upon me.

For I am:

A new creature.

With a new purpose.

A new life.

A new heart.

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Teresa Coelho said...

your so right how grace is hard to receive when i don't feel so valued, to allow it to pour over my soul means that i accept it whole heart. and even in the lack, He knocks and brings it closer that grace so undeserved all because He loves first.

Hillary said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

Karen Brown said...

I love your poetic style. This is packed full of truth and beautifully written. This line got me: "As the Spirit moves, and I believe truth, grace finds me". Thanks for sharing this message and your gift!

Hillary said...

Melanie, I just discovered your blog recently, and I would love to connect with you! Would you be interested in writing a guest post for us over at Let me know! You can reach me at

Debbie Crawford said...

Beautiful words and I'm so thankful for His grace.

Jennifer Clarke said...

Such precious words, friend. Such balm to world-weary and travel-worn souls. How good He is to keep reminding us of His grace and love, in spite of our tendency to believe lies rather than take Him at His Word. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us at Grace & Truth!

Holly Brown said...

Excellent! I LOVED this, "Not only is grace warmth to our cold souls, but it is also a furious, pelting rain-- never ceasing, never deserving, never based on our own goodness." Beautiful words about a beautiful paradox. Thank you for linking this up with us at Grace & Truth! In fact, I loved this so much that I am going to feature this tomorrow for the next round of the link-up. Be sure to go to my blog and get a I've Been Featured" button for this post! #GraceTruth

Melanie Singleton said...

Oh thank you Holly! I will be sure to add featured button. Thank you dearly.

Emily B said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful message of His grace. Undeserved. Unending.

Michele Morin said...

So helpful.
It's not how "good" we are, but how gracious God is. Glad to have found this post at Grace and Truth. Congrats on being featured!