Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wild Grace

photo credit:  Alan Matthews Photography

Chirping and buzzing wings-- melodies upon gentle breeze
She lies on her back, face dappled with sunlight

Golden beams spill down through bent limbs of oak tree
Yellow dog sprawls across cool dirt, summer's delight
Brilliant eyes like grandma's peer up, lips curve and spread
She soaks in the admiration this mama has for her child
My ballerina has a tomboy dwelling in her head
Toes scurry up twisted limbs-- recipe of dainty and wild
Innocent and free, worry hasn't yet carved a place
Bravery etched in her bones, she grasps flaxen rope of swing
Honey-spun hair swirls-- grace stretches across shady space
All courage and giggles, a treasure my heart to sing
Far off echo of dog bark, daughter continues to soar
Head tilts back, eyes close, bathing in lazy day
May she forever know life as a wild mysterious love
Forever outstretched arms, promise from above


photo credit:  Alan Matthews photography

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