Tuesday, May 27, 2014


runaway ~m singleton

Wisps of hair come loose from her braid and flutter in the salty air.  Moonbeams dance across the water.  She catches sight of a dolphin peak above a crest of a wave, slicing through midnight foil.

This is her space.  Her quiet away from life.  Her toes skim the hard packed sand as the sea crashes upon her ankles and knees.  Her focus is the pier that resembles a skeleton against the gray backdrop, where land meets sky.

She digs her toes deeper in the sand and ponders-- tries to remember.

She brushes hair from her cheek and fingers the deep scar on her forehead.  Her face has become numb, like her soul.

Her expensive dress and diamonds encircling her neck mean nothing.  She feels nauseous as memories start to surface.

Snatching the jewels loose, she hurls them as far as she can into the twilit surf.

She looks left towards the pier.  That's her anchor.  Her spot of rest for the night.  She turns left, not looking back.

Her pace quickens and she runs, sprints.  Her ballgown and plaited hair flowing behind her.  Hope springing in her steps.  

She knows she's not going back now.


Paula Jennings said...

beautiful! Is she painted on wood?

Melanie Singleton said...

Thank you Paula! Yes, I am trying some things using reclaimed wood. 😊