Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not Unseen

photo credit:  peace, love, and equality
She holds her heart close
Rock hard tight it stays
Secure clutch, no one knows
Locked and key thrown away

She tries to speak out
Her voice doesn't matter
Even when she shouts
All that's heard is chatter

Eyes don't see or hear
Blank stares all around
Wrap tighter with fear
Soul cry the only sound

She sinks deeper down
Holds tight to despair
To breathe is to drown
Does anyone care?

There is One greater
One who is unseen
A whisper sweeter
A true rock to lean

Never forgotten
He sees and hears all
Desires and heart dreams
Hope is on the brink 


80-90% of children aging out of foster care will become trafficked or choose a life of crime.

Average years in prostitution: 11 years

Percent younger than age 18 at entry: 42 %

72% of all rescued women and children are from the Alabama area

With every rescue about 98% have been through the Birmingham area at least once whether they are from here are not.

40% of Human trafficking is happening in the Southeast

87% would leave prostitution if they had a way out

There is HOPE.  Please visit The Wellhouse for information how to make a difference on human trafficking!  Please watch below video to hear from a rescued victim.

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