Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunrise with My Girl

We rise early before break of dawn

Hand in hand, pajama-clad, bed-head and a yawn

My beloved coffee near, we slip unnoticed barefoot through wild sea oats

All is gray and still, except scurrying crabs and sound of soft flow of waves-- sand in our toes

We stand facing east-- rows of quaint cottages bordering our left side

She jumps and shrieks with delight, clapping her hands, as white rays peek out from horizon line

Golden sphere, still hidden, blazes bright yellow streaks and glorious pink shades

The shore transforms as light envelops and darkness fades

Reflections of glowing beauty casts off our faces, the shoreline, and waves

She gazes up at me with a grin, grabs my hand-- a perfect start to our day

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