Monday, April 7, 2014


"flight" ~m singleton

She lives a life unseen, a little girl lost
Pushed aside, she barely feels alive
Hungry soul craves love, but it comes with a heavy cost
Her escape is fresh air, where she wonders how she'll survive 
She watches sun drop below forest rim at days end
Stars prickle through dark gray sky
Beauty surrounds her, but life feels grim
Humid heat clings to her skin, she breathes a sigh 
There's a deep ache and longing in her soul 
Tired of living-- she's broken and bruised
She wants to run, but doesn't know how to go 
Exhausted and worn, tattered and confused 
Intoxicating scent of wisteria, aroma envelops
Wounds forgotten for a second or two 
She wrestles with hope that grows and develops
Captured by the dark surround, not sure what to do
Fireflies wink as moon peaks behind canopy of limbs
Watermelon pulp syrupy sweet on her tongue
Hands and face sticky, she escapes to the river, on a whim 
Wading into liquid silvery black, cautious even though she's young 
Hope and courage are born as she lightly treads
Skylight and night sounds, whispering trees
She pads out of water on bare feet, her wings now fully spread
She takes flight, soaring high, breaking free
Above the clouds, looking down at faraway pain
Her heart fearful but courageous, breeze in her face
A new life, a new way, no longer ashamed
She's a butterfly broken, washed clean by amazing grace

"new creation"  ~m singleton

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