Monday, March 3, 2014

Drowning Deep

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   He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
  he drew me out of deep waters. (2 Samuel 22:17)

There was an invitation from my earliest days

A voice, a call-- begging my praise

Steamy, golden summer heat

Tromping needled paths on bare feet

Rays filtering through trees overhead

Speckled shadows dancing on trail, dirt red

Mason jar sloshing with tadpoles for home

All quiet except the cicada chorus drone

Capturing dragonflies upon a string

Friendship flying nearby on wing

Exploring all day, I lose track

Distant warmth waning at my back

Swollen pink clouds at days end

Sun sinking low to meet horizon

Glimmering above of twilight palette

The dusk music surround of frog and cricket

You were there, You pursued

You were present, You knew 

Beauty became hazy as I grew

Neglecting any memories of you

The allure decaying, I became jaded

Stars dimmed, daylight faded

Soul hardened, rain poured

Settled for temporary notice, empty reward

Took wrong turn on filthy black trail

Wandered far and wide, to no avail

Orphan washed away in billowing swell

I perfected all the strategies to rebel

Polished my golden idols and bowed low

Stuffed anything in my God-shaped hole

Submerged and tossed in dark depths of sea

Love pulled this waif from bottom deep

Into the light of sandy shore

I am yours whom you adore

You invite me to waters full of grace

Washed new, I seek your face

I sink low begging to drown

In grace and mercy that now abounds



Jeremy Carver said...

Woah! If there is more art inside of you, Melanie, begging to get out... Let it... And share it!
Awesome "themes" in this deep hearted, soul stirring work of poetic truth! Three that speak deeply to me:
1. The Call of Creation to know and worship the Creator.
2. Without receiving the love of our Triune God, beauty becomes hazy, stars dim and daylight fades.
3. God specializes in deep water rescue! Pray for and praise for deep water rescues. For me... DWR was the only rescue to which I could surrender.

Thank you for this. More?

Melanie Singleton said...

Wow- you pulled out good truths! Thank you for encouraging- very soul baring to lay my heart out here. But freeing. Selfishly this was my place to process and remember His faithfulness in my life - but He is using it for more- encouragement for all of us on this journey. Thank you for your kind words.

Lanette Haskins said...

Absolutely LOVE this!!! Feels like you wrote this for me, from my heart <3
Beautiful words Melanie <3