Friday, March 14, 2014

Darling girl

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Little girl has big dreams
Travels far, lives on foreign soil
Dreams of beauty
Creeps on bare feet through blades of grass
Blowing dandelion fluff into the wind
Swinging high, laughter carried by the breeze
Darling girl
The Father sees
You are not invisible
But you feel made of glass
And begin to break
Under heavy hands
Trust becomes a mist
Become too acquainted with abuse
Misused, mistreated
Your soul longs for more
But you get lost in pills and smoke
Desperate for a cure to the deep ache 
Darling girl 
Youth is lost
A baby comes
Then another
You dare to hope
In tiny toes and promises
But fog seeps in
You crave the familiar
Returning again and again
You can no longer lift your head
Baby cries
Little hands go unnoticed
Lies haunt
Demons stalk
The knock comes
Babies taken
You become frozen
Losing all you've loved
Can't escape the past, or the present
But if you would only lift your head
Open your eyes
You would see what you're missing
You were made for more
Darling girl

*this is fiction- not written about any person in particular-- many experiences and stories combined over past 2 years.

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