Monday, February 24, 2014

Deep Mystery

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Deep mystery swirls in cosmic black

Hidden places bathed in Truth

Light radiates with a word

Golden rays kissing dark

Shapeless clay takes its form 

Mighty One, immeasurable wonder

Arranging orbs, counting stars

Snow and rain stored in perfect place

Buds unfold, colors burst

Creatures stir-- all sing praise

Spirit whispers in the softest breeze

Hovering over roaring seas

Hands cupping oceans, salty deep

Shorelines marked and laid with care

Mountains weighed upon a scale

Holy Creator reaches down

Forming dust into limited beings

Intimately woven, purposefully made

Every breath undeserved grace

Hairs counted, souls deeply known

All-powerful Father, unlimited strength

Fighting for the fatherless and distressed

Changing hearts of kings and slaves

Carrying near the lonely, bruised

Repairer of broken hearts and walls

Great Reconciler and Healer

Breathing life into dead and broken

Silver streams flow through parched lands

Transforming stony paths to smooth

Dry and rocky made all new

Great Redeemer stepped down to lowly life

Gentle Shepherd, unblemished Lamb

Suffering for us, what was not His

Gave Himself, so we could live

Removing scales, breaking chains

Mysterious Creator enthroned on high

Ancient covenant re-created

Extravagant holiness and grace 

Deserving nothing, you call me your own 

For I am nothing without the Son

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